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AromaReiki Practitioner Training

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Welcome Sisters and Brothers,


Aroma Reiki Therapist Training - Level 1

Course pre requisites – current National Police Clearance.

Contact Hours

12 – 16 hours in person training plus 6 hours patient contact (18 – 22 hours total)


Training Dates: 10am to 2/3pm each session

  • May 9th, 18th, 23rd, 30th  2023 TBC


Additional Training Requirements

  • Approximately 3 hours homework between each training session including videos and journalling.

  • 1 to 2 in-person Integration Treatment Observations.

  • Commence seeing new patients independently in June / July 2023 upon completion of Integration observations.



Assessment 1

  • Observing the Trainer in a treatment with other trainee.

Assessment 2

  • Being observed as a practitioner with another trainee.

Assessment 3

  • Observing a practitioner with an actual patient.


Total Investment for Level 1:

  • 16hrs in person training (4 x 4hr sessions hands on) plus 1 to 2 sessions observing patient contact

  • 22hrs total.

  • 2024 In person training Dates: May 9th, 18th, 23rd, 30th. TBC

  • Regular price $2200 per person – short and long-term payment plans are available.


Training Session Outlines


Training Session 1

  • Set up ABN, insurance and accounting

  • Client Intake Form including introduction and expectations

  • Setting intentions

  • Suicide prevention and management

  • Understanding the metaphysical meaning of essential oils

Training Session 2

  • AromaReiki Massage technique

  • Guided visualisation (Gratitude for body/Left Right Lung) and Yoga Nidra

  • Metaphysical meaning of pain in the body (Reiki)

  • Integration of Reiki or other attuned energy healing modalities

Training Session 3

  • Head and face massage

  • Connect to inner child meditation

  • Healing Method 1: The work technique by Byron Katie

  • Healing Method 2: Language of body

Training Session 4

  • How to use a Booking system

  • How to integrate the session with patient with review of intention

  • Set homework, healthy lifestyle, and photo for patient

  • Rebooking patient

  • “On the go” Phone sessions option charged at $2 per minute

  • Follow up message and updates for people who have not re-booked

  • A plan to set up your own work space

  • How to begin marketing and getting started

  • Healing Method 3: Meeting our own needs and self-parenting

  • Healing Method 4: Welcoming all emotions


Desired Prerequisites but not Necessary

  • Can travel to Parkdale or Mordialloc for training

  • Excellent intuition and on spiritual path

  • Basic massage, AromaTouch or physiotherapy or osteo of some kind.

  • NLP, counselling, life coaching, essential oils, kinesiology, tarot cards or a healing modality.

  • Wanting to work independently from home or their own rented space.

  • Willing to put themselves out there in promoting their new business and build a solid patient base.

  • Understand your worth and honouring the AromaReiki treatment by charging for the energy exchange.

Future Earnings and Availability

  • Staff charge patients $150 ($185 NDIS patients)

  • Receive 35% of the sale price from all Daniella’s hands made Products sold.

  • Receive 10% of the sale price of non-hand made products.


Additional Financial Incentives

  • If you sign up to do the AromaReiki Course with a friend then you will enjoy a special offer of $300 off the initial investment for yourself.

  • Or to share the love around… if your friend signs up instead of you, then you will receive a $100 gratitude gift.


Flexibility and Inclusions

  • Please contact me to negotiate dates.

  • A comprehensive Manual is included in the course with all processes outlined clearly. Including some simple training videos.

  • Information is included on setting up your business and how to get people in the door and have repeat patients.

  • An AromaReiki Certificate in Completion.

Love Heals All

It's time for us to connect, recharge and support ourselves in being roles models in our local communities.


Health & Light, Daniella Hogarth xxx

Additional Events:


2023 BreakThrough Retreat dates: April 16/17, June 17/18th, July 14/15th. 25/26th Aug 


These retreats are two day and overnight events where we discuss ancient methods to open our minds, spiritual advancement and create new positive pathways. Located on the Mornington Peninsula. Women and Men welcome.


2023 Celebrating Young Women (Mothers and 11Yrs and Up) - Coming of Age: May 28

This is a fun, active and special day for mums and their daughters to connect. This is an opportunity for young women to prepare and celebrate their rights of passage and coming of age.

* Daughters who come on their own will be nurtured.


2023 The Element of Water Workshop: July 30 

This is a one day experiential event located at Ricketts Point - Facing fears and developing mental strength. Breathwork - Meditation - Learning to snorkel or become more advanced - Cold water immersion and it's benefits. Women and Men welcome


2023 Rebirthing Through the Elements: 28/29th Oct 

This retreat is an annual two day and overnight event where women delve deeply into their own healing journey by experiencing the healing powers of each of the five natural elements. Women only

This retreat includes deep relaxation, connection and profound mental and energetic shifts in perceptions of fear and limiting behaviours. Mornington Peninsula 


2023 Private Retreats with two Healing Practitioners: Sep 10/11 OR Oct 8/9

These retreats are two day and overnight events, custom to the requirements of the participant. 

A unique healing experience tailored to your needs. Women and Men Welcome


2023 Hot Springs Special Women's Circle Event: Nov 12 Sunday

2023 Hot Springs Special Women's Circle Event: Nov 30 Thursday


2023 Holistic Skills Women's Circles

First Thursday of the Month except School Holidays. 

$65/$55 Located in Seaford.


I look forward to hearing from you and if you want to know prices and much more info then reach out. 


These events are already filling fast. 

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