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AromaReiki Practitioner Training

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Welcome Sisters and Brothers,


Aroma Reiki Therapist Training - Level 1

Course pre requisites – current National Police Clearance.

Contact Hours

12 – 16 hours in person training plus 6 hours patient contact (18 – 22 hours total)


Training Dates: 10am to 3pm each session

  • 2024 TBC


Additional Training Requirements

  • Approximately 3 hours homework between each training session including videos and journalling.

  • 1 to 2 in-person Integration Treatment Observations.

  • Commence seeing new patients independently upon completion of Integration observations.



Assessment 1

  • Observing the Trainer in a treatment with other trainee.

Assessment 2

  • Being observed as a practitioner with another trainee.

Assessment 3

  • Observing a practitioner with an actual patient.


Total Investment for Level 1:

  • 16hrs in person training (4 x 4hr sessions hands on) plus 1 to 2 sessions observing patient contact

  • 22hrs total.

  • 2024 In person training Dates: TBC

  • Regular price $2200 per person – short and long-term payment plans are available.


Training Session Outlines


Training Session 1

  • Set up ABN, insurance and accounting

  • Client Intake Form including introduction and expectations

  • Setting intentions

  • Suicide prevention and management

  • Understanding the metaphysical meaning of essential oils

Training Session 2

  • AromaReiki Massage technique

  • Guided visualisation (Gratitude for body/Left Right Lung) and Yoga Nidra

  • Metaphysical meaning of pain in the body (Reiki)

  • Integration of Reiki or other attuned energy healing modalities

Training Session 3

  • Head and face massage

  • Connect to inner child meditation

  • Healing Method 1: The work technique by Byron Katie

  • Healing Method 2: Language of body

Training Session 4

  • How to use a Booking system

  • How to integrate the session with patient with review of intention

  • Set homework, healthy lifestyle, and photo for patient

  • Rebooking patient

  • “On the go” Phone sessions option charged at $2 per minute

  • Follow up message and updates for people who have not re-booked

  • A plan to set up your own work space

  • How to begin marketing and getting started

  • Healing Method 3: Meeting our own needs and self-parenting

  • Healing Method 4: Welcoming all emotions


Desired Prerequisites but not Necessary

  • Can travel to Parkdale or Mordialloc for training

  • Excellent intuition and on spiritual path

  • Basic massage, AromaTouch or physiotherapy or osteo of some kind.

  • NLP, counselling, life coaching, essential oils, kinesiology, tarot cards or a healing modality.

  • Wanting to work independently from home or their own rented space.

  • Willing to put themselves out there in promoting their new business and build a solid patient base.

  • Understand your worth and honouring the AromaReiki treatment by charging for the energy exchange.

Future Earnings and Availability

  • Staff charge patients $150 ($185 NDIS patients)

  • Receive 35% of the sale price from all Daniella’s hands made Products sold.

  • Receive 10% of the sale price of non-hand made products.


Additional Financial Incentives

  • If you sign up to do the AromaReiki Course with a friend then you will enjoy a special offer of $300 off the initial investment for yourself.

  • Or to share the love around… if your friend signs up instead of you, then you will receive a $100 gratitude gift.


Flexibility and Inclusions

  • Please contact me to negotiate dates.

  • A comprehensive Manual is included in the course with all processes outlined clearly. Including some simple training videos.

  • Information is included on setting up your business and how to get people in the door and have repeat patients.

  • An AromaReiki Certificate in Completion.

Love Heals All

It's time for us to connect, recharge and support ourselves in being roles models in our local communities.


Health & Light, Daniella Hogarth xxx


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