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Bio Resonance AO Scanner by Solex

The power of quantum wellness in your hands


1. You can balance your emotions, balance past trauma and any mood disorders you may have, as well as help address anxiety and depression. 


2.  It can alert you to when there’s changes in your Health or immune system


3. It can help to balance out your body as it’s fighting all types of infections including bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitical, mold, lyme and co-infection‘s


4. It can help with soft tissue injuries, tendon and ligament injuries, bone healing, as well as blood disorders, lymphatic disorders, and cranial nerve issues. 


5.  It can alert your body to when you might need a change in your  supplements. 


6. It can assist you and to make wiser decisions when it comes to the types of food that you eat, the water that you drink, and the environment and EMFs you’re surrounded by


7.  It can assist the body by clearing out infections especially in the gut and to help rebuild the microbiome so the body can begin healing provided its given the right environment


8.  It can assist you in clearing infections quickly at the first sign of feeling unwell


9. It can be used to unblock your  blocked Meridian channels  and chakra systems 


10.  It can be used to make your home environment, your office, your car, and the water you drink full of beautiful energy and life


11.   You can make your own homeopathics, Bach Flower Essences and many other tinctures. You can also imprint jewellery and anything you can think of. 


12. You can create more abundance by sending abundance frequency to yourself, your back account, your business and even your goals or vision board. 


13. Create more memory & focus, accelerated learning and brain neuro aerobics 


14.  You can perform Energetic clearing, Energetic Shielding and Grounding 


15.  And the best part is all this can be done remotely without the need to be in person


16.  If you are a therapist or practitioner and you are struggling with the current state of the work environment, or want to help more people without becoming exhausted or burnt out and you’re looking to create a great income, then this device is it!

17. You will have the ultimate wellness tool in the palm of your hands for only the cost of a gym/yoga/pilates membership, but with the added bonus of making money back from using the scanner which your certainly cannot do with a yoga membership!


This device is a great addition to your first aid kit to use on your family, friends and pets OR if you are a therapist or practitioner, this can be a wonderful addition to your clinic and clients. 


The incredible AO Solex scanner used to sell for over $35,000 USD to practitioners only and in August 2020 was developed into a hand held device that all kinds of practitioners and everyday people could own to have more power over their health & wellness. In November 2021 we were fortunate enough to have this opportunity here in Australia.

You can easily cover the cost of your subscription by using this device on your clients, selling remedies and homeopathics, creating your own packages, Food sensitivity testing, pet scans, doing market stalls and my Bioresonance Bootcamp. 

Or another alternative is if you sign up only 3 people you would earn back in commission the entire cost of your device and cover your monthly subscription going forwards so you would be using this technology completely FREE! 

You will also save $$ by not needing to go to as many health appointments, buy loads of  supplements etc because you have healing in your own hot little hands to transform your health and wellbeing and well that is really priceless! 

There is a monthly subscription of $149 USD plus a Yearly Membership of $49 USD, which includes lots of regular upgrades and updates… this incredible technology is continually getting better and more AMAZING

Speak to Daniella about how we can arrange a saving on the above price.

NDIS Self Funded options may be available.

There is also a SOLEX UNIVERSITY and plenty of education to learn how to use your device and understand interpreting scans etc. 

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