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2 Day Retreat: Rebirthing Through the Elements

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2 Day Retreat - Rebirthing Through the Elements

Relax - Reconnect - Reenergise - Revitalise - Renew - Rebirth

Join Georgia Gaylard and Daniella Hogarth in a 2 day inclusive retreat of rebirthing the Wild Woman through the sacred energies of our Divine Mothers four elements of nature.


Retreat Happenings: October 28 / 29 2023


Day One Saturday:

We begin our retreat by birthing our Power of Women Mandala, which then guides us into our Shamanic Opening Ceremony of welcoming to the land and ourselves, calling upon the four elements, our ancestors, guides, and angels in support of our Rebirth Awakening


Air - Experience the power of rebirth breath-work to create inner change and transform the way you think, feel and interact in the world. Uncover and shift patterns, triggers, trauma imprints, thoughts & emotional patterns that keep you stuck or hinder your life experience. Unleash your wild woman, befriend your mind & emotions and come home to your sacred temple, your own body.


Lunch - Visit local shops or BYO


Fire - A journey of self-discovery, allowing the magical medicine of fire to
support in releasing elements of self that no longer serves our truth.
Whether being from this life or other’s lives, family lineage that has carried through.
Movement dancing like the flames to awaken, process and release.


Shared Dinner, Connect and Campfire Singing and Drumming


Day Two Sunday:


Earth - A shamanic drumming journey, re-connection with Gaia womb to womb. Calling in your guides to support you through a re-birth of self, connection, awakening to your inner truth and


Lunch – Group booking at local Cafe


Water - Water is the element of life. Water bears life, sustains it, and evolves it. Water is connected with consciousness and has got memory. Standing ankle deep in the shallow waters of the ocean you will reclaim your power by welcoming home our
uncomfortable emotions and feel the freedom of Divine Mother flowing through us.


Gratitude Ceremony and thanking the land and ourselves, including the four
elements, our ancestors, guides, and angels in the support of our Rebirth Awakening




Additional Information and Costs:

Exchange for 2 day Retreat:

ONLY $777 total for Saturday and Sunday and includes shared accommodation and food

Book now and pay $200 deposit. Spaces limited
Non-refundable if cancellation is after 1st Oct 2023.

Payment Plans available

Location: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria


You will need to bring:

- Comfortable chair (Camping chair)
- Blanket if cold
- Boots if wet
- Yoga Mat
- Journal and pen
- Tissues
- Bathers and towel (optional for Water Ceremony, Trust me, if you don’t you will have FOMO)
- Bedding (sheets, blankets and pillows)
- Water, herbal tea, coffee.
- Drum or instruments 


How to Book:


Contact Georgia Gaylard on 0401468863
Or Daniella Hogarth on 0417876984


Book now and pay $200 deposit then send screenshot of transaction.
OR deliver cash by the 1st Oct 2023.

Bank Details
Pay ID Mobile link: 0417876984
NAME: Daniella Hogarth
BSB: 013233
ACCOUNT: 315776444

A bit about your facilitators:


Please Meet Georgia Gaylard:

I am a light worker who is here to support women on their personal healing journey. Holding a space of empathy, love and compassion.

With over 20 years of experience including my own personal journey, what really makes my heart sing is holding space for women to allow their own unique healing to flow through. This flow results in a release and a letting go of what no longer serves them.

Even though I have spent many years studying, I believe it's my personal journey that has awakened my Sacred gifts and wisdom in this life time. Allowing me to call upon them, in support of the healing work I do.

I am a conduit and have a strong connection with my guides and ancestors, allowing my intuition to flow clearly. I love working with crystals, oils feathers and the medicine of the elements in ceremony. I have also a strong connection to Shamanic practices and incorporate this into my work.

Light language, drumming and chakra chimes, is a very big part of my healing work.

I also understand the blessings that has come through my life experiences, as it allows me to work very deeply with women and holds space for them to heal and grow.


Please Meet Daniella Hogarth:

I am a Wellness and Energetic Practitioner and gain great pleasure from sharing my psychic gifts to move blocked emotions through the body using Reiki, esoteric acupuncture, NLP, plant medicine, sound healing, breath-work, crystals and massage.

I combine somatic body work with immune support, gut health and optimal mental health, whilst teaching tools to gain clarity in one’s purpose in life.

I support adults and teenagers shift their negative beliefs around body image, addictions, relationship trauma, miscarriage, suicide prevention, loss of libido and anxiety, that may be present for people in this life, past-life or from in-utero.

This support is available as private one on ones or Breakthrough plant medicine retreats.

In addition, I create and offer a number of health products to support gut health,
immunity and prevention of shedding.

And last but not least, for the last 10 years I have been facilitating Women’s Healing Circles

AND now, female Neurodivergent peer support groups.

In these groups we gather in a safe and sacred space for women to come together, have their voices heard, learn new holistic skills and be nurtured by their sisterhood.

All services are inclusive and are available over the phone or in person at Parkdale, Victoria.

Additional Events:


2023 BreakThrough Retreat dates: April 16/17, June 17/18th, July 14/15th. 25/26th Aug 


These retreats are two day and overnight events where we discuss ancient methods to open our minds, spiritual advancement and create new positive pathways. Located on the Mornington Peninsula. Women and Men welcome.


2023 Celebrating Young Women (Mothers and 11Yrs and Up) - Coming of Age: May 28

This is a fun, active and special day for mums and their daughters to connect. This is an opportunity for young women to prepare and celebrate their rights of passage and coming of age.

* Daughters who come on their own will be nurtured.


2023 The Element of Water Workshop: July 30 

This is a one day experiential event located at Ricketts Point - Facing fears and developing mental strength. Breathwork - Meditation - Learning to snorkel or become more advanced - Cold water immersion and it's benefits. Women and Men welcome


2023 Rebirthing Through the Elements: 28/29th Oct 

This retreat is an annual two day and overnight event where women delve deeply into their own healing journey by experiencing the healing powers of each of the five natural elements. Women only

This retreat includes deep relaxation, connection and profound mental and energetic shifts in perceptions of fear and limiting behaviours. Mornington Peninsula 


2023 Private Retreats with two Healing Practitioners: Sep 10/11 OR Oct 8/9

These retreats are two day and overnight events, custom to the requirements of the participant. 

A unique healing experience tailored to your needs. Women and Men Welcome


2023 Hot Springs Special Women's Circle Event: Nov 12 Sunday

2023 Hot Springs Special Women's Circle Event: Nov 30 Thursday


2023 Holistic Skills Women's Circles

First Thursday of the Month except School Holidays. 

$65/$55 Located in Seaford.


I look forward to hearing from you and if you want to know prices and much more info then reach out. 


These events are already filling fast. 

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