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2 Night Retreat: BreakThrough Retreat

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2 Night Retreat - BreakThrough Retreat

A BreakThrough to Master Your Mind & Perceived Realities

BreakThrough Retreat - Master your own mind

"I felt the freedom and flow. I was able to speak my truth. I felt supported, safe and warm, which is important for my personal healing journey. I loved learning on a deeper level about myself and my soul purpose. Much gratitude to you both."

If you are curious about exploring the depth of your mind then please INBOX me and i'll send you an invitation?


Here are our available dates: 2024 BY APPOINTMENT or by Private Invite

These retreats are two night event where we discuss ancient methods to open our minds, spiritual advancement and create new positive pathways.

Located on the Mornington Peninsula.

Women and Men welcome.

Max 8.


Day One Saturday:

Arrival – Address TBC (Please arrive on time, not late, or only 5 minutes early)

Explanation & Yoga

Meditations and Tea Ceremony

Listen to Music together

Guided Meditation

Gentle soft music - Time for introspection and journal writing, walk in the garden

Sound Healing

Dinner: light healthy and delicious food

Quiet time or Sleep


Day Two Sunday: 

Guided Meditation or Ocean Swim (optional if applicable)

Breakfast: Grounding delicious food

Cacao Ceremony and Integration discussion

Nature Immersion

Fire Ceremony

Day Two Monday:

Morning Meditation

Group Sharing and Integration

Close Space – Pack up


Additional Information and Costs:

Hosts: 2-3 Trained Guides


Participants: 4 – 8 people.


Total Investment for Initiation – Retreat - Integration

  • Overnight Retreat includes shared accommodation and food – Most dietary needs can be accommodated.

  • $888AUD with a formal private induction and integration session before and after the Retreat. This price is contingent to the number of people attending and will be based on a sliding scale $ amount dependant on the number of participants. This means the price my increase. 


Participants to Bring:

  • Eye mask

  • Journal and pen

  • Art supplies (optional)

  • Sentimental and comforting objects or photos

  • Drink bottle

  • Yoga mat

  • A quilt to lay on top of your yoga mat

  • An additional queen size quilt or weighted blanket to lay over you during your experience

  • Cushion for head and cushion for under knees

  • Headphones and earplugs

  • Phones and chargers

  • Sippers or socks

  • Hot water bottle if cold,

  • Swimming gear (optional)

  • Snacks or special foods (optional)

  • No Alcohol.


How to Book:
Contact Daniella Hogarth on 0417876984


Book now and pay $200 deposit then send screenshot of transaction.
OR deliver cash by 15th September. Places are strictly limited so pay your deposit now to secure your place. 

Bank Details
Pay ID Mobile link: 0417876984
NAME: Daniella Hogarth
BSB: 013233
ACCOUNT: 315776444

What’s unique about our BreakThrough Retreats: 


  • We have a very limited number of Participants, per ratio of Trained Guides

  • Participants complete a medically guided and psychotherapy guided assessment.

  • Participants are interviewed separately PRIOR to the retreat to set intentions

  • Participants are interviewed separately AFTER to the retreat for integration

  • Follow-up care and post retreat treatment is an option with a trained Guide.

  • All Guides are trained facilitators and have experience in retreats.

  • All Guides are Energy and Somatic Bodywork Facilitators

  • All food and drinks are healthy and can cater to most dietary requirements

  • Sound healing, meditation, breath work, yoga and cacao ceremony is included

  • Shared accommodation ensures safety for all. 

  • An opportunity to share and integrate as a group supports everyone’s growth

  • We encourage journaling, connecting with nature and being expressive. 

  • We only use organic quality controlled products designed especially for therapeutic experiences so that we can guarantee the quality and the strength of each persons experience.

  • Our offerings cater for nervous newbies as well experienced trippers. 


Meet your Certified Host:


Daniella Hogarth has over 10 years experience in practicing gut health, medicine journeying, trauma release, somatic bodywork, body image and addictions in her Wellness Clinic. 


If this interests you, 

or you just simply want to know what kind of outcomes are expected, or why people would participate in this retreat, or what are the benefits, then


please inbox me with your email and I will send you some detailed information on what you can expect and the prices.

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