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"I was desperate for depression was unbearable and horrible for my family to deal with and I was very overweight. I found no refuge from taking pharmaceutical medication and coffee, alcohol and cigarettes only provided short term escapes. I learnt the hard way that changing my basic eating habits and listening to my heart and intuition was the only way to sustain long term health and happiness and now I want to support others who are ready to feel better“ Daniella Hogarth

Meet our Team

Danni Arcaro

Danni's spiritual journey began over 7 years ago when she started looking to alternative practices to heal past trauma and connect to her inner child on a deeper level.


After realising the importance of spiritual healing and experiencing first-hand the benefits of natural health practices, Danni was able to overcome her infertility challenges and felt a calling to share her knowledge and experience with others. 

In addition, Danni's recent health challenges of over coming gut health, sinus, histamine, food sensitivities and mold toxicity has lead her down a path of naturopathy and functional medicine education.


Danni is certified in a range of healing modalities and systems including AromaReiki, Somatic Body Massage, Usui Reiki and Magnified Healing.

Her psychic abilities allow her to tune deeply into the language of the body and mind, being guided to use the perfect combination of modalities and skills to support the person in their own recovery and growth journey.


Danni’s passion is to support people in standing strong in their power and find a clear path to inner truth and prosperity.

She strongly believes we all have the ability to create an abundant life full of love, integrity and connection.


Alisar Laz

Ali Laz creates a space of safety and acceptance through her 17 years of healing experience including her own lived personal recovery journey. She guides individuals to reconnect with their innate power and express their unique song in the world.


She does this through combining AromaReiki Massage and the art of Energy & Soul medicine, which are both powerful transformational modalities that connect individuals to their soul truth, heals and releases old emotions & beliefs, balances the body’s energy field, awakens the mind’s potential and unleashes the inner freedom within.

Through Ali's own lived experience of managing narcissistic relationships, disrutp​ion to the family unit, dealing with Cancer and grief first hand, she brings a very nurturing and empathetic perspective to each session.


When you work with Alisar you will be mystically charmed by the magical healing experience, allowing you to feel deeply calmed and soothed. She will teach you how to receive guidance from your soul, activate pleasure and freedom in your body, clear your energy & chakras and open pathways for you to unleash your greatest potential.

Daniella Hogarth

I’d like to introduce myself and share with you the growth I have experience after overcoming my past challenges… 

Like many of you I juggle many roles In this life. Including being a wife and mother of little girls. 


My personal journey of finding peace and acceptance of myself began with the experience and recovery from my own health crisis... chronic post natal depression, leaky gut, digestive issues and obesity.


Today I am 22kg lighter, fit and off all medication. My family and I are thriving and on a gut healthy and spiritually connected lifestyle. 


In 2013, my health recovery inspired me to start a wellness and spiritual guidance business and have since inspired hundreds of families and individuals through energy healing and healthy living tips. 


My passion is providing simple tips on how the foods we eat, our lifestyle, environment and daily rituals can positively influence our overall health, emotional intelligence and spiritual connection. 


Today I am an Author, Master Healer and a Sacred Circle Guide. I am deeply interested in how to incorporate natural medicines and simple spiritual practices in our daily life. I teach easy and affordable options to busy families, couples, teenagers and women striving for calm and inner connection.


I bring you everything that I created for myself when my health and well-being challenges inspired me to find quick and practical solutions to feeling good. My belief is that we all can feel good and it doesn’t require hours of meditation. My daily practices take less than 1 minute and are proven to be very effective. 

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