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Mind Your Gut Health

Do you want to improve your health, digestive system and create positive and thoughts and emotions? Then this complete gut healing companion will keep you on track and accountable for change.  This gut healing online bundle is loaded with practical healthy mind & body tips with a focus on anxiety management, weight management and clean eating.



Includes a 4 week meal plan designed for busy people who are budget conscious and suitable for little and big fussy eaters.


"I was desperate for depression and IBS was unbearable and horrible for my family to deal with. I found no refuge from taking pharmaceutical medication, and coffee, alcohol and cigarettes only provided short term escapes. I learnt the hard way that changing my basic eating habits and adopting a gut healing lifestyle was the only way to sustain long term health and happiness." Daniella Hogarth


Special Offer:

12 month subcription and instant access to all video presentations and recipe demonstrations.

eBook PDF Edition

$17.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
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