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These School and Work Roll-on Blends invoke a gentle array of vibrations designed to calm, balance, purify, protect, re-energise and open the heart space. They serve as an instant high vibration and aromatherapy treatment that supports a shift in your energy, lifts your mood and raises your frequency. Each glass bottle features rose quartz crystals and a special blend of pure organic essential oils all suspended in a pure concentrate of mild organic GMO free olive oil. (Free of alcohol, emulsifiers and synthetic fragrances).


Each bottle is blessed under the light of the full moon to amplify the transformational experience. These special blends are designed to create an energetic and physical adjustment and a delightful and soul nurturing scent that will linger, leaving you feeling supported, safe and loved.


SHAKE VIGOROUSLY and roll the blend 3 to 4 times or as needed in a circular motion over your belly, chest, wrists or neck. Caution to keep away from eyes. Suitable for all ages. Refills available for $15 each.


Everyday AromaReiki Roll On Blends - Sold as a SET for $55 or $25 Each.


Super Archangels: Courage, Resilience, Balance & Protection

Wild Orange, Peppermint, Geranium & Frankincense.


Quiet Time: Calm, Peace & Rest

Bergamo, Lavender & Cedar wood


Happy Belly: Improve Digestion, Bowel Movements and Anxiety.

Wild orange, Coriander, Ginger, Peppermint & Clove


Disclaimer/Important Note

These health product suggestions are a guide only, always check with your doctor if you have specific nutritional or medical conditions. The suggested health benefits are not guaranteed and Daniella Hogarth is not responsible for any benefit or side effect based on the use of this product.

Australian Hand Made with Love.


Roll-ons can be purchased for $25 individually 

Shipping is an additional $10. Please include this in your payment

School & Work Roll Ons - All Ages

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