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Ever wished for a natural, quick and reliable mood-setter that gets you, and them, ready for some deep sensual connection?

This range of Sensual AromaReiki Roll Ons are a unique set of unisex blends made from essential oils, rose quartz crystals and energetically infused in a convenient 10mL roll-on. Each special blend works by raising your vibration and creating space in your mind and energy field for love and connection. These bottles have been individually blessed in the light of the full moon and invoked with the energy of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of pleasure, passion, romance and erotic rituals.


Give yourself permission and allow these Sensual AromaReiki Roll-on Blends to bring about a deepened sense of sensual connection. Take time to choose which special blend suits you better each day, as your choice will change as you cycle through the days of the month. Choose a blend to suit your daily mood and use as a perfume, before a date, when feeling playful or for self pleasure. You can even apply the same or a different blend to your partner, to get you both in a sensual mood and open the heart space.


Each glass bottle features rose quartz crystals and a special blend of pure organic essential oils all suspended in a pure concentrate of mild organic GMO free olive oil. (Free of alcohol, emulsifiers and synthetic fragrances).

Each bottle is carefully and intentionally hand crafted to amplify your transformational experience. These special blends are designed to create an energetic and physical adjustment and a delightful and soul nurturing scent that will linger, leaving you feeling supported, safe and loved.


Sensual Connection: Patchouli, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang’s, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Cocoa

Sacred Love: Frankincense, Lavender, Geranium and Cinnamon

Intimate Alignment: Peppermint, Grapefruit, Lemon, Cinnamon and Ginger


Roll-ons can be purchased for $25 individually 

Shipping is an additional $10. Please include this in your payment

Sensual & Intimate Roll On Set x 3

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