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Rise Above Healing Transmission Online

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Welcome Sisters and Brothers to our Rise Above Online Community Weekly Transmission Online


This is a weekly healing session hosted by Daniella Hogarth.

Everyone who attends online will receive a free copy of my NEW eBook Rise Above.

If you can’t make the event, please still sign up to get a recording of the event.


Date: September 12th Sunday (First meeting is FREE)

Time: AEST (Melbourne Time) 7pm to 8pm plus Discussion Time.


Book your FREE ticket HERE

In this peaceful gathering it is your right to feel safe, respected, to be heard with no judgement, relax, have fun, and be nurtured by our sister and brother hood.


Throughout history we have gathered in spiritual groups to empower each other and share wisdom as our rite of passage.

These affirming community gatherings help us get in touch with our courage and amplify our collective positive vibration.

With politics dividing us further every day, we all need to support each other now, more than ever.


Beginners, teachers and experienced are welcome, ages 16 and above.


For more information please contact Daniella Hogarth.

mobile 0417 876 984


* Connect to your emotions and make new like-minded friends

* Learn new healing modalities for yourself, friends and family

* Deepen your spiritual practices and connection to self, including meditation.

* Overcome challenges and face fears that are holding you back.

* Bring a notebook or journal


This online gathering is held in the comfort of your own home so feel free to wear your most comfortable clothes and bring a cup of tea whilst we connect and strengthen our faith in our sister and brother hood.


If you would like further involvement then contact Daniella for a phone or in-person activation process to go deeper into this practice and upgrade your skills.


from 19th September 2021 your investment will be $30 casual or purchase a 4 session pass for $25 each week.

Get yourself a copy of this NEW eBook Rise Above written by Daniella Hogarth.

Courage Above Fear

It's time for us to connect, recharge and support ourselves in being roles models in our local communities.


Health & Light, Daniella Hogarth xxx

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